Electronic Symbols & Electrical Symbols

The largest collection of electronic & electrical symbols in the network, Provides more than 800 electronic symbols classified into different categories.

Electronic Symbol & Electrical Symbol

For consultation, design and interpretation of components, devices and electronic circuits

Here you will find the largest collection of electronic and electrical symbols on the network, European and American. Symbols of antennas, attenuators, audio, coils, inductors, circuits, capacitors, connectors, plugs, sockets, currents, piezoelectric crystals, resonators, diodes, digital electronics, filters, fuses, electrical protection, instrumentation, switches, pushbuttons, lamps, bulbs, wires, waves, pulses, generators, batteries, relays, resistors, synchros, thyristors, diac, triac, transformers, transistors, MOSFETs, IGFET, valves electronic, video and other electronic components interesting ...

The symbols presented are based primarily on the UNE, DIN, IEEE and IEC, as the most internationally accepted. Others are not standardized, but it is common to find them in specialized publications, charts, diagrams and electronic circuits. I hope it will be useful to the community of Internet electronic

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