Symbols in Alarm and Security Systems

Alarm systems are electronic safety devices whose main function is to deter unwanted commit acts and communicate the same or other abnormal situations through various types of signals.

Symbols in Alarm and Security Systems

Symbol Description Symbol Description
Alarm symbol Alarm symbol   Initialize alarm symbol Initialize alarm
Alarm inhibition symbol Alarm inhibition   Urgent alarm symbol Urgent alarm
Frequency alarm signal symbol Frequency alarm signal   Electrical equipment extinguisher symbol Electrical equipment extinguisher

Security Systems

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Buglar alarm symbol Burglar alarm   Motion detector symbol Motion detector
Glass break detector symbol Glass break detector   Broken glass sensor symbol Broken glass sensor
Infrared motion detector symbol Infrared motion detector   Ultrasonic motion detector symbol Ultrasonic motion detector
Magnet of alarm symbol Magnet of alarm   Magnetic contact symbol Magnetic contact
Panic button symbol Panic button   Keyboard alarm symbol Keyboard alarm
PIR sensor symbol PIR - Passive Infrared Detector
Motion detector
  PIR antimasking symbol PIR antimasking
PIR receptor symbol PIR receptor   PIR emitter symbol PIR emitter
PIR weathering symbol PIR weathering   Speaker / siren alarm symbol Speaker / siren alarm

Fire Alarm Systems

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Fire sensor alarm Fire sensor   Alarm button symbol Alarm button
Smoke detector symbol Smoke detector   Ionizing smoke detector symbol Ionizing smoke detector
Smoke detector alarm symbol Smoke detector alarm   Flame detector symbol Flame detector
Heat detector symbol Heat detector   Smoke alarm symbol Smoke alarm
Fire warning device symbol Fire warning device   Siren alarm symbol Siren alarm
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