Home Appliances and Residential Symbols

Symbolism of white goods and other home electrical symbols with one-line representation. Symbols of detectors used in the home and the building are also shown.

Symbology of Home Appliances and Residential

Symbol Description Symbol Description
Air conditioner symbol Air conditioner   Air conditioner symbol Air conditioner
Refrigerator symbol Refrigerator   Fridge-freezerr symbol fridge-freezer
Freezer symbol Freezer   Fan / Extractor symbol Fan / Extractor
Electric oven symbol Electric oven   Microwave oven symbol Microwave oven
Washer symbol Washer   Dishwasher symbol Dishwasher
Electric kitchen symbol Electric kitchen / cooker   Dryer electric symbol Dryer electric
Electric heater symbol Electric heater   Water heater symbol Water heater
TV symbol TV / Televiison   Electric pump symbol Electric pump
Card driver symbol Card driver   Security device symbol Security device
Automatic ladder symbol Automatic ladder   Thermostat symbol Thermostat
Intercom symbol Intercom / Interphone   Electric bell symbol Electric bell / electric doorbell
Heater symbol Heater   Electric lock symbol Electric lock
Camera symbol Camera      

Household Detectors

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IR receiver symbol IR receiver   Ir emitter symbol Ir emitter
Flood detector symbol Flood detector   Fire detector symbol Fire detector
Gas detector symbol Gas detector   Motion detector symbol Motion detector
Symbols in Alarm Devices
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