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Electrical attenuator symbols and equalizers

The electrical attenuators are devices used to lower the level of a signal and thus adapt the system performance such as audio, radio frequency, power ...
They can be classified within the family of the resistors.

Symbology / Electrical attenuator symbols
Symbol Description   Symbol Description
Electrical attenuator symbol
Atenuador eléctrico
Electrical attenuator symbol
  Electrical attenuator symbol Electrical attenuator symbol
Unbalanced attenuator symbol Unbalanced attenuator   Balanced attenuator symbol Balanced attenuator
Variable attenuator symbol Variable Attenuator   Variable attenuator unbalanced symbol Variable attenuator unbalanced
Variable attenuator balanced symbol Variable attenuator balanced      

Equalizer symbols

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Equalizer symbol Equalizer   Adjustable equalizer symbol Adjustable equalizer
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