Symbols of Operational Unit Based Upon a Characteristic Quantity

Operational unit symbols refer to the comparison between two values ​​of a characteristic quantity, such as voltage, current, frequency, temperature, pressure...

Symbology of Operational Unit Based Upon a Characteristic Quantity

Symbol Description Symbol Description
Higher than... symbol Higher than...   Lower than... symbol Lower than...
Higher or lower than... symbol Higher or lower than...   Equals... symbol Equals...
Symbol of equal to zero Equal to zero   Close to zero symbol Close to zero

Examples of Devices with Operating Dependency

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Overcurrent release symbol Overcurrent release   Defetuosa actuated relay voltage symbol Defetuosa actuated relay voltage
Relay low power symbol Relay low power   Relay blocked rotor symbol Relay blocked rotor
Symbol of the relay maximum and minimum current Relay maximum and minimum current   Excess counter symbol Excess counter
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