Symbols of Power Converters

Power converters are electrical or electronic devices to transform the characteristics of the voltage and the input current at its output optimize it for specific uses. converters are AC / AC, DC / DC, AC / DC rectifiers and DC / AC inverters.

Symbology of Power Converters

Symbol Description Symbol Description
Power converter symbol Power converter
Generic symbol
  Converter AC / AC  symbol Converter AC / AC
Converting alternating current to alternating current
Converter DC / DC symbol Converter DC / DC
Converting DC to DC
  Inverter symbol Inverter
DC to AC converter
Rectifier symbol Rectifier
AC to DC converter
  Rectifier inverter symbol Rectifier inverter
Bridge rectifier symbol Bridge rectifier
Full-wave rectifier
AC to DC Converter
  Rectifier inverter symbol Rectifier inverter
Electric current symbols
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